It is a test of time for Prime Minister Narendra Modi today as the Lok Sabha is debating a no-confidence motion against the NDA government by the Opposition. And AIADMK has backed Modi and NDA.

While the TDP, which moved the no-confidence motion, is trying to seek support from all the political parties, Tamil Nadu's AIADMK has made its stand clear by openly stating that the party will not support it.

In the current 534-member house, NDA enjoys the support of 315 MPs while the Congress-led UPA has 63 MPs in its kitty. The total strength of the Opposition stands at 222.

AIADMK is the third largest party in the Lok Sabha with 37 MPs. Similarly, amidst many developments, several regional parties seem to be not swaying on either side and are taking a neutral side. However, AIADMK seems to be taking a different route.

A certain amount of history is involved behind the undying support to BJP by AIADMK. One of the major reasons is the decades-old Cauvery water dispute which cannot see the light of the day without the NDA government.

By keeping the future prospects in mind, not backing NDA might result in drying up of central funds to Tamil Nadu which will simply make things strenuous for the latter.

Also, the AIADMK leadership is well aware of the fact that the untimely favoured wave siding with Sasikala clan's power head, TTV Dinakaran has the capability of taking the faction down any minute in the absence of a concrete underpin.

The new superstar entrants like Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan in the political town also seem to weaken their side in the upcoming elections.

Looks like now AIADMK is driven by "Poweraal naan powerkagave naan" (Because of power we are here and we are here for power) unlike Amma's “Makkalal naan Makkalukkagga naan” (We are here because of people and we are here for the people).