Late last night, Somnath Bharti's dog 'Don' passed away. the incident took place when he reached home at midnight and witnessed Don taking his last breaths in front of his eyes. Bharti tweeted:

Earlier in 2015, Aam Aadmi party leader faced a domestic violence case and his beloved dog was also accused in the same. Bharti’s wife had lodged a domestic violence case against him on 10 June 2015.

Lipika had made an allegation that Bharti used to harass her from the beginning of the marriage and also unleashed his dog on her while she was pregnant, and even slit her wrist with a kitchen knife trying to kill her. 

Following which, an FIR was registered and Bharti was arrested. Police had also taken his dog ‘Don’ in custody to investigate the matter.  In September, he was granted bail. In October, Don was given clean chit as the allegations were not substantial. Bharti had also tried to prove his dog innocent. He asked Don to bite the people but the dog didn't respond to any of his commands.

After Don's sudden demise, Twitterati are consoling Bharti over his loss.

However, In 2017, police told the Delhi High court that the scars on his wife Lipika Mitra’s body were “due to dog bites and burn injuries”.