Chennai: Telangana, which is witnessing a spurt in swine flu or H1N1 cases for the past few weeks, is now accompanied by its neighbouring state Tamil Nadu as well. As per the information from government officials, at least 10-15 swine flu cases have been detected in Telangana. And now, Tamil Nadu, which is closer to Andhra Pradesh's Tirupati, has some swine flu cases registered. However, the number is yet to be ascertained. 

"There is nothing to worry in Tamil Nadu because the state has taken enough measures to avoid swine flu. If there is any suspicion of fever, immediately rush to the hospital as many medicines have been put in place for curing this menacing disease. Do not neglect any of the symptoms," said Tamil Nadu health minister Vijaya Bhaskar. 

He further added, "Swine flu has only spread only in Maharashtra- Andhra Pradesh belt and there is nothing to worry in Tamil Nadu."