Chennai:  H Raja, BJP national secretary from Tamil Nadu was recently in news for commenting about judges and police, which was allegedly derogative, even amounting to contempt of court. 

Raja appeared in person on Monday in the Madras High Court and offered an unconditional apology for his derogatory statements against the judiciary of the state. 

Raja was seen screaming at two policemen when the mcops stopped the Ganesh Chaturthi procession in Meyyapuram village, Pudukottai district, Tamil Nadu, on September 13. He called the police as "anti-Hindu" and "highly corrupt". He was also accused of using foul language against the High Court.

Earlier the Madras High Court Bench headed by HG Ramesh and Kalyanasundaram had refused to initiate suo- moto contempt against Raja. 

On September 17, the bench comprising justice CT Selvam and Nirmal Kumar took suo moto cognisance of H Raja’s derogative statements against the judiciary and the leader was summoned to appear before the Madras High Court. 

"I had turned emotional," H Raja said in court. He also added that the statement was made in a fit of rage and later he realised his mistake, and that’s why he wants to apologise before the honourable court. Following Raja's apology, the court closed the case against him. 

The FIR charged against him was under various provisions related to offences against the state. Earlier, H Raja had claimed that the video was fake, and it was part of negative propaganda against him. Later, when the video went viral, he had to admit the credibility of the video before the court and had to tender his apology as well before the court.