New Delhi: No more it seems the youth of India see their own culture and its philosophers as second to the West. Swami Vivekananda has suddenly emerged as a ‘cool’ ideal for young India, so much so, that they are wearing his philosophy on their sleeves, literally.

On the Hindu philosopher’s 156th birth anniversary on Saturday, also celebrated as National Youth Day, Twitter was abuzz with people posting their pics wearing cool and hep clothing carrying his most famous quotes. The portrayal of the saint-philosopher too saw novel experiments.

Several outlets too posted their ads on Twitter, showcasing the prices and patterns of their Vivekananda T-shirts.

Motivating Quotes by Swami  Vivekananda Poster T-Shirt
Source: Zazzle

PM Modi tweeted: “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached.” Remembering these powerful words, and the rich thoughts of the venerable #SwamiVivekananda on his Jayanti. He emphasised on the ideals of service and renunciation. His belief in Yuva Shakti was unwavering.”

In another tweet, the Prime Minister wrote: “The thoughts and ideals of #SwamiVivekananda inspire and energise crores of Indians, particularly our youth. It is from him that we draw the motivation of building an India that is strong, vibrant, inclusive and an India that takes global leadership in several areas.”

Meanwhile, Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s timeline on Twitter did not show any message regarding the occasion.