In the latest instance, a Twitter user asked a question for which External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s reply will leave you in splits. 

Swaraj uses Twitter in a savage mood.  While helping citizens, she has set many examples in the past. Many have even tried to troll her, but she has always shut them down and proved she’s the real queen of comebacks. 

Swaraj’s wit and humour had everyone awestruck when she said she will need to consult a volcano in Indonesia in response to an Indian's query asking if the government has any advisory for tourists visiting the Southeast Asian nation.

In his tweet, Rai asked, "Is it safe to travel to Bali. We have a Bali trip on 11.08.18 to 17.08.18. Is it safe? Is there any advisory that has been issued by our govt. Kindly guide us soon."

“I will have to consult the volcano there," Sushma Swaraj said late on Wednesday night.

Swaraj is known for her active presence and prompt responses on social media.  The minister has also been reaching out to people, sorting out the problems online, and delivered results without any fuss, thus restoring faith in Indian government and bureaucracy.

However, in this case, her reply was savage for many but didn't help Rai who seemed quite upset with her response. He tweeted:

Mount Agung stands at a height of 9,800 feet and its eruption on 2 July had caused problems for residents and holidaymakers on the island of Bali. The volcano also caused delays for more than 27,000 travellers, with hundreds of flights cancelled.