It seems the effect of the surgical strikes by the Indian Army on terror launch pads across the Line of Control (LoC) is still playing heavily on the minds of the Pakistan Army. Pakistan has not moved its troops from the area long the LoC despite that country's requirement of a large number of troops for deployment for the general elections to be held on 25 July.

Highly- placed sources in the government told MyNation that the Pakistan Army has employed a large number of retired personnel for deployment in the polls but has not moved either the rangers or the regular Army troops for election duties.

“We have been monitoring their activities; it seems that none of their units has moved from there. It seems that despite the ceasefire holding on for so long now, they do not want to lower their guard on their eastern front with us,” they said.

Pakistan Army is responsible for the security measures and maintaining peace during the elections in that country.

Due to the Pakistan Army's increasing influence in Pakistan’s politics, the international community, in general, believes that the polls would be rigged and the force would install its corny as the next Prime Minister.

In September 2016, India had suffered a loss of over 20 soldiers in a single attack by Pakistan-backed terrorists in Uri after which the Indian Army launched the biggest surgical strikes on terrorists’ launch-pads in Pakistan at multiple locations on the Line of Control.

After the strikes, the Line of Control and parts of the international border remained turbulent for a long time. However, for over a month now, the borders have remained relatively silent with very few incidents of ceasefire violations.