New Delhi: The government is in a dilemma over the Supreme Court ruling extending the concept of creamy layer to Scheduled Castes and Tribes. The decision upends the accepted wisdom about Dalit quotas and could potentially create an uproar within the Dalit middle class. 

Government sources said that the apex court judgment comes at a difficult time and the adjudication on 'creamy layer' went against the belief in the ruling camp.

The margin to seek a judicial relief to undo the 'creamy layer' ruling is very little. The BJP can either accept the ruling or it can sit on it until it gets a reminder from the top court.

This ruling has already garnered anger from the Dalit community - both in politics and in civil society.

The BJP government’s recent decision to overturn the apex court's dilution of the SC/ST Act has already created agitation among the upper class in some states.

Sources said the top officials of the ruling camp would soon deliberate the issue.