The Bengaluru police have given permission for Sunny Leone's programme in Bengaluru. Thus, Bengalureans who are waiting for Sunny's performance for nearly a year will see her dance on November 3, despite protests from Kannada organisations.

Tickets for the event are selling fast and the organisers have asked for additional security to conduct the programme as they fear protests that will be staged by the Kannada activists.

Arrangements for the events have started and accordingly, rules have been set. Thus, no liquor will be sold near the venue. In fact, people taking part in the programme will be frisked and checked thoroughly before entering the venue, said Bengaluru police officers.

Last year, Kannada organisations had objected to the event as the date was very close to Karnataka Rajyotsava (The day the state was named Karnataka - on November 1) was being celebrated. Month-long events are held in celebration of Karnataka Rajyotsava in the state. Sunny Leone's programme scheduled for December 31, 2017 at Manyatha Tech Park had to be cancelled due to protests by Kannada organisations.

The Kannada organisations had argued that it was against the culture and tradition of the people of Karnataka to welcome New Year with Sunny Leone's programme.

However, after a while an audio of pro-Kannada organisations demanding ransom to allow Sunny Leone's programme had also come out.


This time, not giving any chance for such actions, the cops have given the clearance and Bengalureans can start booking their tickets for the show. Meanwhile, the organiser for the current event is said to have clarified that this is a musical night, a family programme and people should stop thinking otherwise.