Bengaluru: The Congress and JD(S) combination which is now running the government in Karnataka, shows a lot of love towards each other, but these same parties are ready to cut each other’s throats as well. In the past and even now, there seems to be an air of differences.

Earlier, during an election campaign, the JD(S) had clearly hinted that they hate the Congress. The Congress in turn termed the JD(S) as the BJP's 'B' team. HD Kumaraswamy (HDK) in this case warned the Congress of backlash.

However, equations of both the JD(S) and Congress changed, and they became 'friends'. The Congress offered support to the JD(S) to keep the BJP away from power in Karnataka.

Despite coming to an understanding with the JD(S), the Congress managed to have an edge. Within a month after forming an alliance, HD Kumaraswamy expressed his helplessness.

In a few weeks’ time, the differences were evident in the Congress camp too. Siddaramaiah's opinion on the coalition when he was in Dharmasthala for health reasons stands as very evidence the fact that the so-called love, can turn to poison anytime.

A video grab of Siddaramaiah in June, expressing doubt on the survival of the government is enough proof that, these two parties are sticking with a sole common personal interest; to keep the BJP away.

Similarly, in August, Siddaramaiah's close aide, Shivashankar Reddy, agriculture minister said that Siddaramaiah could become the chief minister again.

Recently, Siddaramaiah's follower, Ramalinga Reddy expressed displeasure over Cabinet delay and accused the JD(S) of stalling the cabinet expansion which is expected to take place on December 22.

With the JD(S) senior leader Basavaraj Horatti being sidelined for the legislative council chairman post, the cracks are only widening as Horatti has openly accused the Congress of arm-twisting the JD(S).