New Delhi: Union Minister Smriti Irani today launched a scathing attack on the Nehru-Gandhi family in the context of the Rafale deal, saying that Rahul Gandhi and his brother-in-law Robert Vadra were "working hand in glove" to make it controversial and that the Congress president was raising questions on behalf of Vadra’s friends.

In an interaction with Republic TV, Irani said the real reason behind Rahul Gandhi’s attacks on the BJP in the Rafale deal was “Rahul Gandhi cannot distance himself from Robert Vadra on the issue. If Rahul Gandhi speaks against Vadra, Vadra will expose the wrongdoings of Rahul and his family.”

“If Rahul Gandhi isn't connected, why is he posing questions on behalf of Vadra's friends? And questions that are not steeped in facts, but actually imaginary positions that he is taking!” she said.

The Union textiles minister said the Congress was launching personal attacks on the Prime Minister as in the past, "They have called him chor (thief), neech (low-class), anpadh (illiterate), gawar (bumpkin). But each time he (Prime Minister Modi) comes back stronger.

“Rahul Gandhi is trying the good-old strategy of politics of repetitive slurs. This is why people of this country know that the Congress has a political delinquent for a president. 'Bada maza aayega (there will be a lot of fun)' — not even a school child talks like that," she added.

Rahul Gandhi has been attacking Modi and the BJP over the Rafale deal alleging that the Prime Minister ensured that Anil Ambani's Reliance Defence got into the 36-plane Rafale deal by awarding him a Rs 30,000 crore offsets contract.