Thiruvananthapuram: Students Federation of India (SFI) district committee member Nazeem surrendered to the Thiruvananthapuram Police in Kerala on Wednesday. There was a case registered against four SFI activists including Nazeem for attacking police officials, who were on duty, on December 15.

Earlier, it was reported that the Cantonment officials were deployed to take these accused into custody. But, they reportedly refused to arrest them, and instead allowed them to escape. 

Later, on Monday, a video had surfaced where one of the SFI activists was seen attending a CPI(M) meeting at University College, Thiruvananthapuram. In the meeting, party ministers KT Jaleel and AK Balan were also present.

Cantonment police had submitted a report in the high court claiming that Nazeem and his friend had gone underground following the incident. His dramatic surrender now comes amidst this backlash.

 Many police officers were present at the college where Nazeem was present. There were reports that the police did not arrest Nazeem even after obtaining intelligence report about his participation in many events including CPI(M)'s women’s wall. 

It has been alleged that political leaders and some police officers were protecting Nazeem.

It has been reported that the SFI members entered into an argument with the police. Later, police officials Vinayachandran and Sharat were attacked by the SFI activists.

The opposition parties alleged that there is a section of the police having an alliance with the ruling party CPI(M), who are trying to save these SFI members. They also claimed that the cops would stop the investigation and release these SFI members.

Earlier, the report submitted by the special branch of the Kerala Police mentioned that the Cantonment police had helped the SFI members to get out of the case.