A woman filed a case of cheating, dowry and racial harassment against her husband at Adugodi police station in Bengaluru, on October 1. But now, the husband has knocked the doors of Karnataka high court (HC) claiming that his wife was a sex-worker, who threatened him to marry her, and later began to extort money. Accordingly, the high court has issued notices to his wife and the police.

The man said that he was studying at a private college in Chennai in 2010, when he was introduced to this woman by his friends at Alwarpet brothel house. Her sad story moved him. She had told him that she was an orphan and was forced into this profession.

Thus, he asked her to quit this profession and promised to help her lead a normal life. She then shifted to Bengaluru in 2011, and he helped her with Rs 85,000 to find a rented accommodation.

But, he claims that her attitude changed after coming to Bengaluru when she pressurised him  meet her often. After a few years, she apparently asked him to marry her. When he declined citing family issues, she threatened to press rape charges against him.
Intimidated by this, he secretly married her in 2014. The couple even had a child. 

He bought a house for Rs 65 lakh in Bengaluru, another flat in Dharwad, Karnataka for Rs 75 lakh. He registered both in her name. He spent Rs 2.5 crore in all. He says that she currently gets Rs 85,000 as rent from these properties.

But in 2016, when he rang the bell of her house, she did not open the door for 40 minutes. And when she finally did, unknown men walked out of the house. When he questioned her about this, she said that she knows them for over five years and couldn't say no to them.

Scarred by this, he left the house and did not return. But soon, she started demanding money. When he refused to budge, she threatened to kill their child and file a complaint with the police. 

When he remained silent, she went ahead to lodge a complaint against him at the Adugodi police station in early October. Currently, he is in the high court fighting to prove his innocence.