In a sensational development, an alleged sex video of a female officer and a Special Forces commando of the Indian Army has gone viral along with dozens of their pictures showing them in intimate positions.

The video and the pictures were allegedly taken by the male officer using his mobile phone. Later on, all the material was put in a compact disk by his wife and sent to the Defence Ministry and the Army Wives’ Welfare Association (AWW) as part of a complaint against her husband.
For the last two days, the video and pictures of the two officers have been going viral. Authorities concerned are trying to find out how the pictures and videos, which were supposed to be part of an ongoing investigation, leaked.

The lady officer and the Major-rank officer have already been indicted by an Army court of inquiry for having an “illegitimate” physical relationship and disciplinary action has been recommended against both of them, sources told MyNation.
After the matter came to light, the Major-rank officer from the Para (Special Forces) and the lady officer, who is also a Major, were attached to a unit for an inquiry.
The wife of the Chief of Army Staff, who has received the complaint, is the head of the Army Wives Welfare Association AWWA). She deals with issues related to family matters of officers and men.
The wife of the Major had also sent alleged intimate videos and photographs of the two officers to prove the extra-marital relationship.
After the complaint was filed by the officer’s wife, the Army authorities ordered a Court of Inquiry into the allegations under the aegis of a brigade somewhere in the mountains.
Both the officers have denied the charges against them in the court of inquiry and have termed the complaint made by the wife of the Major as “frivolous and baseless”.
In the complaint filed by the commando’s wife, she has said that she came to know about her husband’s extra-marital affair in February 2017.
In the complaint, the complainant has alleged that the officer has left her on the roadside without any support and she is not even aware of her husband’s whereabouts.