Naik Ram Kumar, 4 Kumaon, was the commander of an infantry section deployed to protect the Kralpur Bridge (Tithwal Sector) a vital link of communication in the area. On August 7, 1965 , the enemy launched an attack to destroy the bridge. Naik Ram Kumar with his handful of men stood firm to repel the attack and protect the vital asset. During the fierce fight, most soldiers of the section were injured including Naik Ram Kumar.

Subsequently, reinforcements including an enemy demolition squad reached the bridge with an aim to destroy it. Naik Ram Kumar, notwithstanding his grievous injuries charged at the enemy with brute courage and killed enemy soldiers in close quarter combat. Sensing the fierceness and raw courage of the Indian Army soldier the remaining enemy soldiers fled in utter fear. Saving the bridge from being destroyed, Naik Ram Kumar finally succumbed to his injuries and made the supreme sacrifice for the Nation.

Naik Ram Kumar displayed indomitable courage, devotion to duty of highest order and dogged resoluteness in saving the Kralpur Bridge. For his raw courage and devotion to duty Naik Ram Kumar was posthumously awarded the Vir Chakra.