On 4 August 1989, the Alpha Company of 1 BIHAR in Op Pawan was entrusted with the task of searching an area in Rugam Jungles in the northern region of Sri Lanka.

Sepoy Ghama Oraon was the leading scout of the column, carrying out search and destroy operations to eliminate militants in the dense jungles.

During the search, the patrol encountered four LTTE militants armed with lethal weapons. The young and brave Ghama Oraon stood his ground, displaying a high degree of sharp reflexes under the most challenging conditions. He shot at two militants fatally.

Braving intense retaliatory fire by the remaining two terrorists, Sepoy Oraon displayed courage beyond expectation and grievously wounded them. The militants succumbed to their injuries later.

In this action, Sepoy Ghama Oraon displayed exceptional initiative and indomitable courage with complete disregard to his personal safety. Sepoy Ghama Oraon was the epitome of courage and valour in this action. For this gallantry, he was awarded the Vir Chakra.