Brigadier RD Hira, was the commander of an infantry brigade in the 1965 War. Brigadier RD Hira’s brigade was assigned the task of cutting off Sialkot from the north during the initial stages of the War. This action involved movement of the brigade by night through enemy territory and taking up of a defensive position to facilitate own progress of operations.

Brigadier Hira’s presence among his troops when they were under attack, inspired them not only to hold on doggedly to their position but also to inflict heavy causalities on the enemy. In this operation, Brigadier Hira displayed exemplary leadership by leading his troops from the front, unparalleled courage and professional competence in the best traditions of the Indian Army.

For his gallantry and extraordinary leadership in the face of enemy Brigadier RD Hira was awarded India’s second highest gallantry award the Maha Vir Chakra.