Sabarimala temple row has also made religious leaders react to the women entering the shrine. The Supreme Court's recent order allowing the entry of women of all age groups into the temple has given rise to tension and chaos at the shrine. Ayyappa devotees and many pro-Hindu groups have vehemently opposed the entry of women into the shrine, saying it was breaking of rules set more than 100 years ago. But some groups in the name of being progressive are hell bent on making women enter the shrine. Amidst protests of people, the religious leaders including Sri Sri Ravishankar of the Art of Living and Sadhguru of Isha Foundation have spoken about the issue.

Sri Sri Ravishankar, The Art of Living

The abode of Lord Ayyappa should be kept in tact with utmost serenity, respecting tradition. It’s not a place for activism or one-upmanship. I am sure, while considering the review petition, the Honourable Court will take note of the sentiments of devotees as well.

Mata Amrithanandamayi, spiritual leader

Spiritual leader Mata Amritanandamayi had earlier refused to comment on women's entry into Sabarimala temple. She had said  that she was not an authority to say anything related to rituals, customs and tradition.
"I am not a person to call for a change in that," she had told NDTV. 

Sadhguru, Jaggi Vasudeva, Isha Foundation

Sabarimala is a hill temple and climbing it was always a risk. It is a place filled with tigers. Devotees, even to this day, carry sambrani (a kind of incense stick with pungent smoke) to prevent tigers attacking them. If you take a woman with you, a woman is more easily smelled by a carnivorous animal than a man. So they said never take the women. Not only Sabarimala, all hill stations put this restriction. But now, the tigers are gone and they themselves need protection. Currently, women are better equipped with modern amenities. If it is only for that reason, the rules must definitely be changed.  But according to priests, the deity (Ayyappa) is a Brahmachari, and if they are sensitive about this, you should leave it.