Meerut: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) organised a mega conference in Meerut that was attended by 15 thousand members from all over the world.

The sangh seems to have been particularly active in western Uttar Pradesh. This is the second such event to be organised in the city and the previous conference also saw several lakh volunteers attending the program in Meerut's Gymkhana Ground.

Regional campaigner for the organisation, Alok Kumar, addressed the huge turnout, urging them to awaken their patriotic fervour. He said that sangh members had faith in their leadership which is why their organisation is still going strong and encouraged the attendees to have faith in the country's leadership.

Other campaigners present at the event encouraged the country’s youth to be more patriotic. They also said that this was the only way to combat slogans that incite communal hatred such as "India will be in pieces".  

Meanwhile, opposition parties are insinuating that RSS is organising such events in full force in the area only to drum up support for the election of 2019.