It has turned out that the glorious past of Ravenshaw, earlier a college, most famously associated in history with the name of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, does not ensure a world-class educational institution. In an exclusive conversation with MyNation, a student of the University, on condition of anonymity, proceeded to give us a glimpse of what the University in a state of decay appears to be for the student fraternity.

For a University that boasts of a legacy in terms of both architecture and alumni, the lack of infrastructure is startling, the source informed, as there are no classroom or library facilities for the students along with loopholes in the hostel facilities.

The high course fees do not explain the discrepancies in the facilities provided as the students are not given the value for their money, the student complained. The lack of experienced professors and no provision of development of a sub-skill set go further to put the students at a disadvantage as opposed to students from other universities, he said.

Further, the lack of a proper procedure for placement and the attitude of authorities who refuse to e responsible and answerable for their actions have put the students in further distress and uncertainty about their futures, the source alleged.

Ravenshaw University came into being on 15 November 2006. It was an upgrade of the Ravenshaw College established in 1868, one of the oldest and largest colleges in India which subsequently became an autonomous college with CPE status by UGC and 'A' grade by NAAC.

In the words of the student that we reached out to, “Every time when something happens at the university, a blame game continues with a major portion of the blame is passed on to the students, saying that the students are at fault and they are not co-operating with the officials. But if I am paying high course fee and still I am being deprived of the basic right like proper teaching and placement then I have all the right to protest.” We at MyNation were also made privy to the fact that of late there had been a steep increase in the course fee of the courses that are provided by the university. The worst sufferers are the students who wish to pursue Self Financing courses like, MBA, ITM, MCA, BBA, BCOM and Integrated MBA under National Stock Exchange of India Ltd, a course (I-MBA) offered by 2-3 selected universities in India.

The woes of the students do not end at this. The student speaking to MyNation stated, “The students who got placed along with me, I along with others are still waiting for their offer letter to be issued to us so that we all can join the company. It was previously promised to us that; the job offer letter once the results of the final semester will be declared will be issued to us. It’s been over a month since it has been declared; still, there is no response and help from administrative team and no proper coordination is done with the respective companies which have selected the students.”

The student continued, “The vice chancellor also is not taking any steps to solve this problem. He is not ready to listen to the student’s problems, and why would he as he is enjoying his post and power.”

The complainant is optimistic, though. “There is still time,” he said, adding, “If proper steps are taken now and follow up done with the concerned company, everything will be sorted out soon and the students can also join the companies in which they have been selected.”

The student fraternity in Ravenshaw is agitated over the fact that, along with these problems, the university has become a site for frequent political agitations and that interferes with the working of the institute.

With students reclaiming spaces and being the future of the country, it is important that people associated with the administration remember that their first priority is the well-being of the student’s community!

With more and more universities making news for political activism rather than high standards of education, how these institutions are serving the nation is a question many are asking.