Who says Raksha Bandhan is all about brothers protecting sisters. Here is an incident in Faridabad where a sister donated one of her kidneys to her elder brother, that too on the eve of Raksha Bandhan.

A family from Baghdad, Iraq, came to India and a 36-year-old sister decided to save her 38-year-old brother who was suffering from chronic kidney disease.

Speaking about her brother Mohammed Naziyah Majeed, Elaf Naziyah said that there is “nothing important” than her brother in her life. There is “nothing left in this world without him”, she said after giving her kidney.

Initially, Naziyah Majeed's wife was ready to give her kidney but their blood group did not match. So, Elaf volunteered to save her brother.

There was 90% damage to Naziyah Majeed's kidneys and he was undergoing dialysis. As his health was deteriorating, there was no other option left other than a kidney transplant.

The operation was conducted at QRG Health City Hospital in Faridabad.

Speaking to DNA, Dr Jitendra Kumar, director, Nephrology and Renal Transplant, said that this act shows the “unconventional bonding” between the brother and sister.

Last year too, on Raksha Bandhan, a person named Vandana Chandra had donated one of her kidneys to her younger brother Vivek Sarabhoy in Agra.

The 48-year-old sister helped her 38-year-old brother who had lost both the kidneys due to prolonged illness. The operation was conducted at Apollo Hospital in New Delhi.

In 2016 too, in a similar situation, Dhanesh (35) donated her kidney to save her brother Manoj who had had lost both kidneys. The transplant was conducted at JP Hospital in New Delhi.

The nation celebrates Raksha Bandhan today (August 26).