A typical day in the life of Latha Rajinikanth is like this. She wakes up to news - good, and sometimes bad. She and her family decide on a statement to be released accordingly. She needs to keep pace with Rajini's travel schedule - be it for shoots or for political meetings. She then heads to the school of hers - The Ashram. She is totally tied up with the school's activities and her recently-launched programme for the cause of missing children in the city - Project Abhayam. She is a mother and a grandmother and is loaded with responsibilities at home too.

"It is stressful. But with any goal, there is bound to be some stress. We all have to deal with it and there are many ways to do so," said Latha. So what is Mrs Rajini's choicest way of keeping her stressful life sane? "I believe in spirituality. My family believes that there is a supreme being. And we all just have to surrender," she said.

In the Tamil movie, Arunachalam, Rajini says, "Aandavan sollaraan, Arunachalam seyiyaraan (God orders, I execute)." Seems like this dialogue applies to the entire family. Latha hails from a typical "iyengar" family belonging to the traditional Brahmin community in Chennai.

Latha is the force behind a phenomenon called Rajinikanth. And one can imagine the effort that she contributes behind the scenes. In one of the speeches, Rajinikanth said, "When there is creation, there is a creator." And when there is stress, there is spirituality.