As Latha Rajinikanth stepped into her office after a long day at school fest (organised by The Ashram, founded by her), her grandson trespassed into this space, only to catch a glimpse of her. "Sorry da Kanna," she apologised to him, regretting not spending much time with the kid at home. But, it was a day well spent. Why? It was a day at Vani Mahal, T Nagar, Chennai, brimming with happy faces came up to her as her infectious warmth spread throughout. "Peace for children is a road less taken," she said.

According to reports released by the police, one in every 10 children go missing every day in the state. "Nobody knows what happens to them. There needs to be a collective consciousness. Even two weeks ago, there were reports about a child being allegedly raped in Chennai," Latha said. shutting her eyes in pain.

From flood relief to more, superstar Rajinikanth has been a quite a generous star. And Latha wants to go a step beyond dedicating herself to the cause of children. Project Abhayam is a programme she launched in 2016 to find missing children in the city.

The programme intends to network with intellectuals, police, activists and more, to create awareness, introduce alert methods and better policing, and ultimately build a fort around every child, she said. A concert on a large, grand scale in Southern India with children's performances is being planned in November. "This is one of the first steps taken asking for everyone's cooperation and individual commitment," Latha said, every moment, keeping a watch on her grandchild, playing beside in the room.

And as a Rajini fan, I couldn't help but think of one of the famous movies of the actor - Anbulla Rajinikanth, where he visits an orphanage and becomes the favourite 'Rajini uncle' for one of those specially-abled children.