The third wife of Imran Khan, Bushra Maneka, claims she had told her previous husband while divorcing him that Prophet Mohammed had appeared in her dream and ordered her to marry the cricketer-turned-politician. This would, the Prophet said in her dream, remove all the issues plaguing Khan and he would become Prime Minister. And, according to Bushra’s dream, only then would Pakistan move on the path of progress, the Prophet ordained.

The entire family of Bushra's first husband Khawar Fareed Maneka is a follower of Sufi saint Baba Farid Ganj Sarkar. Maneka studied in America and is fond of cars. After completing his studies, he returned to Pakistan in 1983 and became a customs officer. His father was a minister in the government of Ghulam Muhammad Fareed Benazir Bhutto.

Bushra bore five children during her first marriage. Shortly after the marriage, Bushra dedicated his life to spirituality and became famous as 'Pinky Aunty'. Khan's first met with Bushra in 2015 and he was very impressed. After this, they met frequently and eventually Bushra gave a ring to Imran to seal the relationship.

Dating Imran drove a wedge in Bushra-Maneka's marital life. According to an account, Bushra told the husband that she saw Mohammed in her dream, and the Prophet asked her to divorce Maneka and marry Khan. This would, the Prophet said, as claimed by Bushra, address all the problems of the man married twice before, and later Khan would become Prime Minister. After this, Pakistan will move on the path of progress.

After the divorce, Bushra came to Lahore and stayed with her mother till the period of iddat (the period for a Muslim woman after she divorces her husband or after she is widowed during which she may not marry another man). Later Imran sent him a marriage proposal. At the same time, the second discussion is that Bushra took her husband open before and after marrying Imtia, he married Imran in January 2018.