New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday in an exclusive interview with ANI said that the middle-class community plays a very crucial role in running the country. The prime minister also said the NDA government considers working for the middle class its responsibility not because they consist of a large vote bank but for the immense contribution they make towards running the country.

Modi told ANI, “For the middle class, we will have to change our thinking. Middle class never lives on someone’s mercy. They live with dignity and make immense contribution towards running the country. If lower class should get something, that magnanimity, that thinking is also held by the middle class. It is our responsibility to think about the middle class, not only that they vote for us, but in the interest of the country.”

Talking about the steps his government took that benefitted the middle class, Modi said the inflation has gone down to 2-3% from 18% in 2013-14 and the biggest benefit of this goes to the middle class.

“If price rise is controlled the best benefit goes to middle class because they can’t steal, they can’t compromise on daily expenses, so they get relief if no price rise. If we increase medical seats, who benefit? Middle-class aspirations have been addressed,” added the prime minister.

He also mentioned UDAN Yojona, a scheme that focuses on making flying by airplane affordable in the country, Ayushman Bharat Yojana, country’s massive health scheme for poor, and other employment opportunities which greatly benefitted the middle class.

“By increasing seats in the educational institutions (medical), addressed the aspiration of middle-class people. UDAN Yojona made it possible for middle class to fly in just Rs 2500 and save time. Following this, more people have started to travel in flights than in the AC compartments of trains. Who are these people? It’s the middle class. With Ayushman Bharat Yojana several medical centres will open across the country and will need a lot of doctors. This will create employment opportunity for middle-class people,” added the Prime Minister.

Modi also said that his Mudra Yojana's 15 crore loans are one of the biggest aides middle class has received.  “If the middle class wanted a loan to build a house they never got relief from banks but after demonetization, loans for the middle class is up to Rs 20 Lakh which will give them a relief of Rs 5-6 Lakh in savings,” Modi said.

The Prime Minister also that this is this middle-class community that is driving and promoting India’s thriving ecosystem, of start-ups.