New Delhi: After a BJP delegation met with President Ram Nath Kovind to demand a law mandating two-child policy in the country owing to the alarming rate of population increase, noted industrialist Sajjan Jindal on Friday made a public pitch for addressing the “ticking time bomb” of population explosion.

In a series of tweets, Jindal wondered if sterilisation would “work” as also if “incentives/disincentives” would be effective in tackling the problem.

In a tweet he said: “#PopulationConcern is a ticking time bomb which is going to affect all of us in a deep and substantive manner if we collectively don't take corrective action immediately,” tagging the Prime Minister’s Office.

Jindal pointed at the magnitude of the rising population of India. “India’s disclosed population figures make us introspect. As we stand, our population is equal to the combined population of the US, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Japan #PopulationConcern,” he tweeted.

“Methods to curb population through plans and programs should surely be on the national agenda. Would social and economic incentives/disincentives work? Would sterilization work? #PopulationConcern,” he added in another tweet.

Jindal also referred to the meeting between four BJP MPs from Madhya Pradesh and the President when the former handed over signatures of 125 MPs over the problem.

“Recently a few MPs tabled a draft of a #PopulationControlBill before @rashtrapatibhvn, asking for population control measures to be implemented across the country. It is a step which needs to be evaluated seriously to address our #PopulationConcern,” Jindal said in the third tweet.

Jindal added, “Some reports indicate that India will be the World's most populous country by around 2030. This is a startling fact which needs to addressed by the highest offices of the nation.”

Jindal is the chairman and managing director of JSW Group of companies diversified in steel, mining, energy, sports, infrastructure and software business. JSW Steel is India's largest private steel producer. JSW Steel has formed a strategic tie-up with the world's sixth-largest and Japan's second-largest steel producer JFE Steel. He is also the ex-president of the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).