A 19-year-old girl from Bengal has achieved instant fame after she was photographed taking Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s autograph recently.

Rita Mudi from Salgera village was a hit on social media and is now receiving marriage proposals thanks to her picture with Modi.

In the image, PM Modi is signing on a piece of paper as Rita watches him from a hospital bed.

Rita, along with her mother and sister went to attend Modi's political rally in Midnapore on July 16. But due to a minor mishap where a tent collapsed, she and others were injured.

She was admitted to a nearby hospital. Later that day, Modi visited the injured in the hospital.

When he came to enquire about Rita’s health, she insisted on getting an autograph from him.


Granting her wish, PM Modi wrote, "Rita Mudi tum khush raho (Rita Mudi be happy)" on a piece of paper. This picture was widely shared on social media.

Rita, who is studying in Bankura Christian College, is getting marriage proposals, thanks to that one memorable picture.

According to The Times of India, Rita's mother Sandhya said that the proposals came with no demands for dowry. Earlier, they had received one where the groom’s family asked for Rs 1 lakh.

However, reacting to the proposals, Rita said her focus was now on studies and will only think of tying the knot after graduation.

Rita's father Subhas Chandra Mudi owns a small land.