Prime Minister Modi ended the day with his rally in Dharwad, Karnataka. After visiting Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Modi stepped into Dharwad to lay the foundation stone for the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). He also witnessed the e-griha pravesh of around 2350 houses constructed inder the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana.

Modi started his speech in Dharwad by acknowledging the crowd that ran to a houseful.  "Many of you have been waiting for over two or three hours. The boundary here had been set, but considering so many people came, it had to be removed," he said, while adding that along with Basant Panchami, it's not just the weather that is changing, but even the political climate.

Dharwad has always supported the BJP and given it many leaders, Modi said. "On this stage, there is one person who is missed, former minister Ananth Kumar. But the effort he put in for the welfare of the poor will always remain in our hearts," he continued.

All these great people have had one goal, the development of Hubballi and Karnataka, the Prime Minister said. "To keep this going a while back Rs 5000 crore worth projects were inaugurated. And they were all related to education, housing and national development. Hubballi-Dharwad have to become smart cities with city gas projects to supply gas to all houses. With this, five CNG stations are being made, which will reduce vehicle emissions," he said.

Modi highlighted the Congress's shortcomings. "The previous government had given 13 lakh houses in 10 years and only completed 8 lakh of them. But NDA has given 73 lakh homes, of which 15 lakh have been given and 39 lakh are almost complete. If the pace was the same as previous government, it would've taken 40-50 years to achieve what we have," he said.

Modi stressed on playing watchdog over the state's corrupt. "This chowkidaar is removing middle men everywhere. This is why the honest appreciate Modi, but the corrupt are troubled. You can see those who are getting caught in Delhi. The people who could not be spoken of are presenting themselves in the courts now. They are giving an account of their undeclared wealth. Whoever has eaten money is being brought to book," Modi said.

Modi took a dig at chief minister Kumaraswamy's promise to the farmers. "What happened to the promise of farm loan waiver. They said 43 lakh farmers would benefit, but so far only 60000 have benefited. This is their truth," Modi said, adding that this was the reason why he brought in the income scheme, which will benefit 90% farmers. Those with less than 5 acres will get annual Rs 6000 paid in three instalments.

"Congress is involved in saving their seats and MLAs are fighting among each other at hotels. Everybody's punching bag is the chief minister. He is threatened every day. Publicly he has cried about his fate," said Modi.

"This majboor (helpless) model where the chief minister cries and decisions are taken elsewhere is thrust on the state. This is what they want for the country. You need to decide between family politics and development," Prime Minister concluded.

In a rally at Tamil Nadu’s Tiruppur, earlier today, Modi lashed out at the Congress for ignoring the defence sector. He also lashed out against Chandrababu Naidu in Andhra Pradesh claiming he has deceived NTR by colluding with the Congress.