Thiruvananthapuram: Pinarayi Vijayan wrote on his Facebook page and Twitter handle that Amit Shah’s comments created misunderstandings in the minds of people. Amit shah’s tweet on Sabarimala is unfounded and misleading.

"Pilgrimage is on in a very smooth way. Pilgrims too have expressed satisfaction over the arrangements made there. Arrangements may have caused inconvenience to the Sangh Parivar elements, who are bent on fomenting trouble with ulterior motives. Mr Shah must have been carried away by the campaign unleashed by these elements. Mr Rajnath Singh, the Union home minister has gone on record that the government does not have any option but to execute the order of the apex court. This in itself is a reply to the allegation levelled by Amit Shah. The human rights commission too has made it clear that there has been no serious problem with regard to the pilgrimage this year."

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Amit Shah had alleged that police were treating Ayyappa devotees like Soviet prisoners. Police were behaving with small girls, mothers and old women in an inhuman manner. The BJP is with believers and the way in which Pinarayi Vijayan is handling the sensitive issue is disgusting, Shah had said.

Shah also slammed Kerala chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Twitter over the state government's stand on Sabarimala issue. In a series of Tweets, Shah said that the state government was treating Ayyappa devotees like Gulag prisoners, invoking from history Soviet ruler Joseph Stalin's Adolf Hitler-like concentration camps.

In one of his tweets, Shah said that authorities at Sabarimala were forcing devotees to undertake the arduous pilgrimage without even basic facilities like food, water, shelter and clean toilets.