If you are wondering why #PappuMutra is trending on Twitter, blame it on one man: RVS Mani, former under-secretary at the home ministry in the UPA era. In a shocking video, Mani has alleged then urban development minister Kamal Nath not only was instrumental in entrapping Narendra Modi in the Ishrat Jahan alleged fake encounter case but  had  also allegedly told the officer, “Here people are ready to drink urine of Rahul Gandhi but you can't do a small favour (by framing Modi)”.


This is in reference to the supposed ‘Hindu terror’ bogey that the UPA government raised through the Ishrat Jahan encounter case that was dubbed to be fake. The CBI was used to accuse the Ahmedabad Police Crime Branch of carrying out a fake encounter of Ishrat Jahan along with three men Javed Ghulam Sheikh, Amjad Ali Rana and Zeeshan Johar. All were said to be Lashkar-e-Toiba operatives.

Mani, earlier in an interview to a news channel Times Now, had alleged he was tortured to implicate senior IB officials in the case so that the encounter killing of Ishrat and other three LeT terrorists in Ahmedabad in 2004 could be projected as fake. Mani called it ‘political manoeuvrings’ that is described in his book, Hindu Terror: Insider account of Ministry of Home Affairs 2006-2010. The book is a damning indictment of the UPA dispensation.

Where the video shocks is the fact that no less than a Union minister allegedly forced an officer on duty to lie, throwing national security concern out of the window.

At the same time, the claim of Mani that Kamal Nath compared how people were ready to drink then Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s urine has the Twitter in splits. The social media users have reduced Gandhi to an object of ridicule.