New Delhi: Consumers who are looking to open a bank account or get a mobile connection, can use your passport or ration card. But if telecom companies and banks insist on Aadhaar as the sole identity and address proof, then they are liable to get fined up to Rs 1 crore. They can also be jailed for a period of three to 10 years.

The Union Cabinet cleared these amendments comprising the penalties for the violation on Monday.

The amendments to the Indian Telegraph Act and PMLA have been done keeping in mind the Supreme Court’s order on Aadhaar that says that the unique biometric ID can be compulsory only for public welfare funds.

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The unique biometric base is secure and cannot be accessed by agencies; however, in case of a breach, a fine of Rs 50 lakh and a jail term of up to 10 years will be imposed.

The government’s move is intended to allow private firms to do Aadhaar-based authentication that uses the UIDAI services in light of pleas that the apex court’s ruling will affect their business.

There is also a provision for a prison term of three years on the failure to obtain consent before collecting information for authentication and is applicable to offline verification of QR codes. Unauthorised publication of the ID can attract a fine of Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh.