The New York Times has not only compared Baba Ramdev to the US President Donald Trump, but has even predicted that he can be the future prime minister of India.

In the feature titled The Billionaire Yogi Behind Modi’s Rise, The New York Times (NYT) has explained how they find Ramdev similar to Donald Trump.

Whether India has this question in mind or not, NYT goes on to write"Ramdev is India's answer to Trump." It adds that "he many run for PM himself."

The feature continues to draw similarities between the both, starting with their multibillion-dollar empire. While Trump runs much profitable The Trump Organisation, Ramdev has Pathanjali, claimed to be the desi brand.

Secondly how both the leaders are TV savvy. Both are a brand in themselves and they don't fail in creating a flutter in whichever  event they take part. every appearance of them on TV is a brand opportunity.

NYT also claimed that Ramdev is more powerful than any prime minister. "He may be a wholly new breed: a populist tycoon, protected from critics (and even, to some extent, from the law) by a vast following and a claim to holy purpose," said NYT.

So is Modi VS Ramdev possible in the near future, NYT thinks so, but does India think the same?