Noida: Two women were allegedly sexually assaulted by a man in Noida on Monday when they were returning home from work.

The women, who are journalists, tried to chase the perpetrator but he escaped, following which they went to the nearby police chowki in 12/22 Noida. They were made to wait for 30 min, after which the police escorted them to look for the assaulter. The search turned out to be futile since the man had escaped.

On their way back to the police station to file a complaint, the police constable who was accompanying them stopped the vehicle. He allegedly struck a conversation with some suspicious-looking characters who were loitering around in the area. These lumpens then followed the police vehicle up to the police station and whistled at the women.

The two journalists subsequently submitted a written complaint in Hindi following a lot of persuasion. The police asked them to revisit the thana on Tuesday morning.