Prime Minister Narendra Modi tore into the Congress and its president Rahul Gandhi during the no-confidence motion debate in Lok Sabha on Friday. The prime minister was at his witty best, and while listing out the achievements of his government and debunking the allegations, mocked the Opposition for its blunders. Here is a selection of the top quotes from Modi's speech

1. The entire nation watched the antics with eyes of those who were talking about "looking into the eye" (referring to Rahul’s wink).

2. Just because of one childish, unverified allegation in the House on Rafale deal, two nations had to release statements. We should not indulge in such childish behaviour. For how long will these people continue to be immature?

3. You termed the surgical strike a "jumla". You can abuse Modi as much as you want to, but stop insulting the jawans of India who are ready to die for the country. I will not tolerate this insult of our forces. 

4. In the morning, the voting had not started, the debate had also not started and one member came running to me saying, "Utho Utho Utho". What is his hurry to come to power? Let me tell you that it is the 125 crore people of the nation who put someone on this seat and only they can remove someone from it.

5. Today I heard people talking about Lord Shiva. I wish Lord Shiva gives you so much power that you may bring a no-confidence motion again in 2024.

6. The Congress has zero faith in the Election Commission of India, judiciary, Chief Justice of India, and even the RBI and electronic voting machines. They don't believe in international agencies. They have confidence in nothing. This is because they lack confidence in themselves.

7. A member said that I can't look him in the eye. He is right. He is a big naamdaar, while I am a backward caste man from a poor household. I am a simple kaamdaar. How can I dare to look them in the eye. Whoever has dared to look into their eyes, from Sardar Patel to Pranab Mukherjee have paid the price. Subhash Chandra Bose, Morarji Desai, JP Narayan, Chaudhri Charan Singh, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Chandrasekhar, Pranab Mukherjee, Sharad Pawar had all tried to look them in the eye and the country had seen how they were insulted.

8. They (Congress) spoke about Doklam. Usually you should not speak about subjects that you don't know about. When India was doing what it could about Doklam, talks were on with the Chinese envoy over there. How can you be so childish everywhere?