New Delhi: Tough negotiations are expected between India and the US on the acquisition of a missile defence system for protecting the national capital and new cutting edge military technologies during defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s visit to America starting on December 2.

“A high level delegation would accompany the defence ministry from the three services during the visit where the two defence ministers will review the defence ties and the military hardware cooperation between them,” a defence official said.

Sitharaman will also visit the Pacific command of the US headquartered in Hawai which would be renamed as Indo-Pacific Command showcasing the growing importance of the Indian Ocean Region for the Americans.

The two sides will also discuss about innovations in the field of military technology and also the ongoing developments under the Defence, Trade and Technology Initiative (DTTI).

India is one of the biggest customers of the American weaponry in the region and is looking at buying the National Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS) which will be deployed in Delhi to thwart any missile or aerial threat from the enemy forces.

The parleys are expected to include the security situation on the borders with China and Pakistan with India and continuous support by Pakistan to terrorists in India.