While India proposed to the United Nations (UN) the idea of declaring the year 2018 as 'International Year of Millets' back in 2017 as the nation produced nutrient-rich millets. The country's proposal was sent to the global body by the Union agriculture minister Radha Mohan Singh.

But, as the year 2018 began, the first half of the year faced severe trouble, with nature's fury confronting various parts of the country at various intervals of time. On May 2 and 3,  high-velocity dust storms hit certain parts of north India, which claimed more than 125 lives, leaving over 200 injured in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. 

India once again faced another horrifying natural disaster in Kerala. In July 2018, Kerala battled against massive flood and landslides. 373 people lost their lives within two weeks, while several others were evacuated, mainly from the flood-hit zones of Chengannur, Pandanad, Aranmula, Aluva, Chalakudy, Kuttanad and Pandalam.

Similarly, in recent days, Karnataka's Kodagu region too faced heavy rain and landslides. The overall death toll is 16 and the rescue mission is still on. The small town of Suntikoppa emerged as the most significant relief camp, after not being affected much by the rain or flood.

Despite unforeseen challenges, our nation is always known to bounce back, whether nature offers millets to keep us healthy or expresses wrath in the form of calamities.