New Delhi: Not only Kerala, people in other States like West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka Maharashtra etc have died due to floods. According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, more than 1,400 people have died in India this year due to flood, heavy rains etc.

According to the ministry’s National Emergency Response Centre (NERC), the worst hit area remains Kerala where more than 54 lakh people have been affected and 488 people have died.

According to the data, more than 90 lakh people in India have been affected this year due to floods and heavy rains.

The situation in Uttar Pradesh is not very good either. The State’s riveting condition has, however, failed to attract media attention. More than 3 lakh people here are affected and 254 people have died.

Similarly, in Assam and Odisha, more than 20 lakh people have lost their houses due to floods while there is no bombardment of media reports on the plight of Assamese people. Fifty people have died in this State.

After Kerala and Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal has seen maximum deaths due to heavy rains. In this State, 210 people, in Karnataka 170, in Maharashtra 139, in Gujarat 52, in Assam 50, in Uttarakhand 37, in Odisha 29 and in Nagaland 11 have died this monsoon season due to heavy rains and floods.

A total of 150 districts of 10 States are facing floods. Thirty districts in Odisha, 26 in Maharashtra, 25 in Assam, 23 each in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, 14 in Kerala, 13 in Uttarakhand, 11 each in Karnataka and Nagaland, and 10 in Gujarat are affected.

The data compiled by the NERC says further that more than 50,000 animals have died, excluding poultry. “We are also monitoring the health situation in all the States — mainly Kerala and Assam — as due to the death of animals, there may be a danger of spreading transmitted disease, which can further increase the gravity of the damage caused by flood,” a senior government official said.