New Delhi: The key to the upcoming general elections in 2019, as far as the BJP is concerned, lies in the NaMo app, the personal mobile application of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and the seamless and cost-free outreach the app affords.

Sources told MyNation that the app, also called by the prime minister as the "tablet of nationalism", would also be used to ascertain to a large extent the performance of BJP MPs and MLAs and, therefore, determine ticket-distribution for the 2019 polls.

An all-India feedback campaign that went by the name of ‘People Pulse’ has been completed via the app wherein people have directly conveyed to PM Modi what they think about MPs and MLAs representing their constituencies. The new avatar of the app was recently launched after the completion of the campaign.

"The fate of sitting MPs and MLAs will be decided according to people's feedback received on the app. The information has directly gone to the Prime Minister, who likes to be in direct touch with the electorate of the country, especially the ‘karyakartas’ (party workers). Also, the feedback programme called upon activists and those connected with PM Modi on the app to suggest alternatives to bad performers,” a member of the NaMo app team told MyNation on the condition of anonymity.

"The ticket-distribution will depend on the feedback. Many of the sitting representatives will find themselves deprived of tickets, while new faces, who are popular with the people, though have no means to contact the high command directly, will come to the forefront in the 2019 elections,” the BJP source added.

Meanwhile, the election campaign of the BJP would also be powered in a large measure via the NaMo app. “The Prime Minister has already started conversing and reaching out to the common people and the party workers through the NaMo app. The app provides a lot of things. The PM can be present at one place at a time when it comes to rallies, but through the app, he is at many places at once. Moreover, while rallies are a costly affair to organise, the app provides a cost-free way to reach out to the people, using the Internet,” the source said.