Uttar Pradesh, which continues to be at the top of the list of states with maximum communal violence, has also been the melting pot of many gang wars. The man who stood out in the race was Munna Bajrangi, and he was the one who introduced  AK 47s in the gang wars.

Speaking to My Nation, IPS officer of Jaunpur in UP, Dinesh Pal Singh, remembers Munna Bajrangi as the iron man, who took 10 bullets during an encounter with STF in Delhi in 1998 and still survived. He recalls, "Munna was a diehard fan of Sanjay Dutt and dreamed of becoming like him. He lost his life in Bhagbad jail while serving his imprisonment. However, the reason behind his death is still not known. His dead body is expected to arrive by 10 July evening.

Here's a throwback to his life after his demise in UP's Bagpat:

Among wars, the one that has inevitably been the talking point in the lanes and by-lanes of eastern UP is the never-ending tussle between Brijesh Singh and Mukhtar Ansari. Both spearheads of their respective gangs are currently in jail, but have successfully served their tenure as members of Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan Parishad in the state.

Several people have lost their lives in the scuffle over rail and coal contracts that have been the standard scale of measuring one's control. However, Brijesh's gang always reportedly looked frail in comparison to the Ansari's reach in political leverage. The power play between these major gangs served as a childbirth for a dreaded gangster called Prem Prakash alias Munna Bajrangi. This was way back in 2005 when BJP MLA's increasing closeness to Brijesh's faction led to his assassination which shook the state. This onus to kill him was given to Munna, who is known to have stitched AK 47 in the gang wars. From using the AK 47 for the first time in the killing of block head, Kailash Dubey two decades back, to becoming the right hand of Ansari, his story perfectly makes for a spicy Bollywood flick.

Born in 1967 in Pooredayal in Fatehpur district of UP, Bajrangi being a class V dropout, he executed his first act of murder when he was just 17. He shot an employee on his head in 1984 and since then there hasn't been any looking back for Munna. He started off by joining the mafia don Gajraj Singh and later came in contact of Mohammad Kasim, who introduced him to Ansari. While working on honing his political career, Ansari used Bajrangi's skills to eliminate men from his rival Brijesh's gang. Although, very few people know that Munna's dream of becoming a representative still remains unachieved till date.