New Delhi: The VHP’s ongoing Dharma Sansad in Prayagraj passed a resolution to wage an Ayodhya-kind of movement on the Sabarimala temple entry issue. The resolution was passed while RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said that the country was witnessing a concerted conspiracy to hurt the Hindu religion and the sentiments of its followers. 

“The court did pass its verdict, but it was in denial of the sentiments of crores of Hindus and has hurt their self-respect. There is a conspiracy to hurt Hinduism,” he said.


He said that if women wanted to visit the Sabarimala temple, they should be allowed to do so from where everyone else is doing.

“But, women are being brought from Sri Lanka and are being sent forcibly through the backdoor. This is a travesty and the Hindu society of Kerala is waging a strong movement against it. No Hindu organisation has initiated this movement, the society has. This is not a matter of discrimination against women, rather this is a covert war. Those with vested political interest who want to reap a rich harvest of vote bank are behind this,” Bhagwat said.