New Delhi: Union home minister Rajnath Singh expressed concern over mass religious conversions in India on Tuesday and said that it needs to be curbed.

"If someone accepts a religion out of his choice, then nobody should raise an objection. However, mass conversion is a matter of concern for any country including India," he said, speaking at a function titled Festival of Peace, organised by a Christian body.

"If you are a Hindu, be a Hindu. A Muslim should be a Muslim; a Christian should be a Christian. Why do you want to convert the whole world?" asked Singh.

He said that India is a land of peace and tolerance in which every religion thrives. "All six sects of Christianity are found here in India. All 72 sects of Islam are not found even in Islamic countries but are found in India," he added.

Singh said that he supports the freedom to follow any religion but was of the opinion that a debate is needed as mass conversions are a matter of concern for any country.

"I have never discriminated on the basis of caste, creed and religion in my life. Whether or not we get votes. Whether or not we form the government, whether we win or lose. But we will never discriminate among people. This is what our Prime Minister feels," he said at the function.

The minister also said that one cannot be in power and rule without love.

"I would also say one thing on the Christian community. We do not want to level allegations against anybody. You may have also heard. If somebody wants to accept a religion, he should do that. There should not be any objection to it. But if mass conversion starts happening, large number of people start changing their religion, then it could be a matter of concern for any country," Singh said.

He also said that there are attempts by many to spread fear and rumours about the NDA government, to defame it.

"Recently, stones were pelted at the churches. Some priests came and met me to demand security. I assured them all that those behind it will be punished. I also assured security to them. But it (stone pelting) started a month before the Assembly elections and stopped a month after that. What would you say on that? Whose conspiracy is that?" he asked.

Singh said as far as the NDA government is concerned there will not be discrimination against anybody.