New Delhi: A lot of things have been going on lately with satellite and cable TV operators and it might leave us consumers scratching our heads. After The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has asked DTHs and cable TV operators to come up with a new channel selection and pricing system which will be valid from February 1, some customers are having a difficult time to understand what this migration really means.

TRAI not only fixed an upper ceiling of Rs 19 per channel from the next month, but had also asked channel providers allow customers to pick and choose the channels they want to watch and pay only for them other than paying for a bouquet of channels. 

Here are a few things consumers should keep in mind before migrating to TRAI’s new plan.

1. It is possible that cable channels will give customers a lesser rate lesser rate for the base pack. This means that the subscriber can have full control over which FTA (free-to-air) channels he/she wants to add or subtract from this base pack. However, pay channels will be charged separately and added to the bill. 

2. FTA channels cannot be paired with pay channels in a bouquet. Similarly, HD channels and SD channels cannot be paired together.

3. The slab for additional channels over the base pack price is set at 25 and the price is set at Rs 20. 

4. TRAI also said in a statement, “If a consumer carefully chooses channels of choice for the complete requirement of a family, the amount payable may be even less than the present payments being made per month.” 

5. Also customers can now buy a set-top-box from any other seller apart from the DTH service provider

6. channel bouquets will also cost less. 

7. Consumers should keep in mind that TRAI has directed that there should be no blackout of services till January 31. However, there might be some disruption as the customers are migrated to the basic pack.

8. All DTH providers have been asked to run consumer information on channel number 999.