Just days after being dropped from the Congress Working Committee (CWC), the highiest decision making body of the party, senior Congress leader kamal Nath skipped the all important No-confidence-motion debate in Lok Sabha today.


When asked by reporters, he shot back, “For me priority is Madhya Pradesh. I have seen many such no-confidence-motion ion the last 38 years.  I have experience of such debates.” When a reporter reminded him that he is one of the senior most Congress leaders who is skipping the parliament today, Kamal Nath laughed out, “Ab nahi hai, to nahi hai” (So what? I am skipping it)

No-confidence-motion is being brought against the government by Telegu Desam Party (TDP) for not giving special status to Andhra Pradesh. But it was Congress that took it upon itself to convince like minded parties to vote against the Modi Sarkar to make a political point, even if it loses out. But with Kamal Nath skipping, murmurs are already doing around that he has made his unhappiness apparent  over not being appointed a member of the CWC. Recently Rahul Gandhi reconstituted the CWC where leaders like Nath, Jairam Ramesh didn’t find any place.