Three days after this century's longest lunar eclipse another celestial wonder is embracing the inhabitants of Earth tonight (31 July).

According to reports, Mars will be at the closest to Earth on Tuesday night for the first time in 15 years.

The event known as “Mars Close Approach” represents the point in the red planet’s orbit at which it comes closest to earth.


Mars will be 57.6 million kilometres away from planet Earth and will be hitting the highest point at midnight on Tuesday.

It is believed to be in the southern hemisphere. Astronomers say that it will be visible from most parts of India. However, the same cannot be said about South Africa, Australia and South American countries.

A high-powered telescope with a large lens is strongly recommended and will come handy if you want to enjoy this astronomical sight tonight.

If you are a planetary buff, it is suggested that you do not miss this golden opportunity as this might be the last for the next 269 year