Maoists are regaining ground in the states of Maharashtra, Odisha, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh. These states are becoming a hotbed for Left Wing Extremism (LWE) and have witnessed a steep rise in violence this year in comparison to last year. According to sources, districts in Odisha and Telangana are under tight watch of the security forces as well as intelligence agencies.

Sensing the movement of Maoists on the ground, the ministry of home affairs has added three new districts in two states — Odisha and Madhya Pradesh — which are facing the threat of LWE. Districts like Angul and Boudh in Odisha, and Mandla in Madhya Pradesh have been added after analysing the ground situation based on local intelligence.

According to the data compiled by the ministry, and accessed by Mynation, Telangana didn’t witness any violent incidents on account of LWE till May last year. However, till 15 May this year, the state has seen eight incidents, which have resulted in a loss of life. Similarly in Madhya Pradesh, only one incident of LWE violence by Maoists was registered last year, but this year, Maoists have disturbed the state thrice in the first five months already.

The situation in Maharashtra and Odisha is also alarming. In both the states, incidents of LWE violence have increased. Maharashtra, which had seen 29 incidents of violence last year, has seen 39 incidents till 15 May this year, which is a 25% rise. 

Odisha has also seen more incidents of violence perpetrated by Maoists this year. In 2017, 35 incidents were reported from the state in the first five months, which has increased to 40 till 15 May this year.

The good news is, the total number of incidents and deaths have come down drastically this year. Also a lesser number of security personnel have been killed in Maoist attacks. This year, a total of 354 incidents of LWE violence have taken place as compared to 363 last year. Moreover, last year, 141 civilians and 79 security personnel were killed by Maoists. Till 15 May this year, the numbers have decreased to 97 and 66 respectively.