New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi quashed all rumours about him supporting the KCR mahagatbandhan (K Chandrashekar Rao-led grand alliance) and said, "I am not aware that there some gathbandhan is being made by KCR".

"In 5 years, is there something concrete Mahagathbandhan has said in one voice? They still speak in different voices. Who are these people? To save themselves, they are looking for support...'Hold each other's hand, we will be saved'. This game is going on," Prime Minister Modi said.

He said that the main agenda of the mahagatbandhan is to attack Modi and they are not doing anything productive for the nation. "Their single point agenda is Modi. Do this to Modi, that to Modi.... Take any 10 pages of a newspaper, 10 leaders of the alliance in different voices abuse Modi. There is no articulation on what they would do for the nation and why they will do it," he said.

ANI editor Smita Prakash asked the Prime Minister, "The political allies themselves say that there is no ideological unity. Anybody but Modi. Will 2019 be Anybody versus Modi?" - to which PM Modi said that the people of the nation will be the main judge of things, and therefore it will be the public versus the grand alliance.

"Indian public will decide the course of elections. The public will decide the agenda. Who is for the aspirations of the people, who is against the aspirations of the people. This is going to the yardstick for the elections," he said.

The Prime Minister said, "The public knows that earlier it was decentralised corruption, those who sat in the states, looted the states, those who were in the centre, looted at the centre. The people will decide whether or not they should ally with these forces of corruption who are coming together."

Therefore, he said, it is going to be jan ta (public) versus gatbandhan.

He also added that the alliance failed terribly in Telangana, and it was the first experiment of the gatbandhan

"In Jammu and Kashmir, gatbandhan decided to boycott civic polls, people rejected them and there was 74 % voting. In Assam, entire gatbandhan was together in panchayat polls, but there too they faced defeat at the hands of BJP. Similar result in Tripura. At the top, these leaders may get together for their safety but that does not mean that public is joining them," PM Modi said.