Louis Sophia, Tamil Nadu-based writer was arrested yesterday after she shouted slogans. "Fascist BJP government down... down," she said in front of Tamil Nadu BJP chief Tamilisai Soundarajan at Tuticorin airport. Latest reports state that Sophia is currently out on bail.

Sophia was at the airport in Tuticorin when she spotted Tamilisai and started shouting slogans calling the BJP government, fascist government. This led to argument between the two.

Following the argument, Sophia was charged with causing public nuisance under section 290 of the IPC, breach of public peace under section 75(1)(C) of the Tamil Nadu City Police Act, 1888. She was arrested after Tamilisai filed a complaint against Sophia.

Sophia had also extensively written about Sterlite protests and the Chennai-Salem eight-lane highway project.

Reacting to the same, BJP leaders alleged that Sophia continued to raise slogans but Tamilisai remained calm.

Sophia's father reportedly said that he had accompanied his daughter to the airport and said that she had shouted the slogan once and did not repeatedly do so. He also said that it was her freedom of speech and arresting her  for this was not fair.

Meanwhile, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) President MK Stalin condemned the arrest of Sophia and even repeated the slogan: Fascist BJP government down... down.

Reacting to the development, BJP leader Sambit Patra said that there is no BJP government in Tamil Nadu and that law is taking its own course (in terms of arresting Sophia).