Mumbai: Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis said Lord Ganesha does not need hi-tech sound amplifying systems while defending the ban on DJ and Dolby sound during the Ganesha festival which ended on Sunday.

The government’s ban on DJ and Dolby sound has created resentment among some Ganesha mandals (groups which celebrate the festival in public), but the Bombay High Court upheld it earlier this week.

Speaking to the media after the immersion of Ganesha idol installed at the chief minister’s residence Varsha here, Fadnavis said, “Lord Ganesha does not need DJ-Dolby, it has become our need, for our enthusiasm”.

“Traditional musical instruments are more enjoyable. Loud music causes noise pollution. I think the revelry should not be diminished, but we should also think of environment and traditions,” he said.

The government had defended the ban on DJ and Dolby sound in the high court saying that these systems cannot be operated without breaching the maximum sound limits permissible under the Noise Pollution Rules.