Ranni: KP Sasikala was produced at the local court, where she was granted bail. Kerala Police had earlier said that Sasikala would be taken to Sabarimala if she is granted bail. Hindu Aikya Vedi state chief Sasikala was detained on Saturday around 1:30 am from Marakkoottam. Hindu Aikya Vedi along with Sabarimala Karma Samithi members (over 2000) were protesting outside the station for her release.

Sasikala was detained under the Preventive Detention Act along with four Sangh Parivar activists. The police stated that they (activist) were "instigating violence" near the temple for the entry of Sasikala inside. Prior to the arrest, they had tried to stop her for five hours. Sasikala said that she would move court agains the cop, who arrested her. She also said that she would visit Sabarimala today.

Protesters observed hartal in the state in support of Sasikala, who is a prominent RSS activist, and she is above 50 years of age. On November 16, she was arrested under the section 151 CRP preventive arrest near Marakootam, Kerala.

Section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) is imposed in Nilakkal, Pamba, and Sannidhanam as a precautionary measure as the door of Sabarimala temple opened on November 16 evening.

Sasikala's detention occured a day after Truti Desai spent the entire day at Kochi airport with Ayyappa devotees blocking her entry to Sabarimala.