The Kodagu flood has left several people homeless. And while people are slowly heading back to their families, a senior citizen by the name K Girija has no information of her family's whereabouts. 

A Facebook post is going viral on social media asking people to help locate or contact Girija's family. According to the post, she only knows her daughter's name, Lathamani. She was also able to tell the volunteers that Lathamani works in Bengaluru, but did not know her phone number, residential address or even the establishment's name where her daughter works.

Girija is currently in the Sampaje relief camp. The post has requested netizens to help find a way to contact her daughter.

Deepak Devaiah Padeyanda, a rescue volunteer actively involved with the Kodagu relief operations said, "We were not aware of this. But the moment we receive any information on the whereabouts of Girija's family, we will reach out to them."